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Sample wording for C100 application

Sample wording for C100 application 2022-07-15

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Attached are two versions of sample wording for section 5b of the C100 form. The sample wording assumes it's for a Child Arrangements Application. One version is more of a straightforward application. The other version is more for if allegations have been made against you.

These are suggested formats for what to put in Section 5b where you're expected to explain the circumstances, what you're applying for and why, and also comment on what the other person's view might be. It's important to keep this child focused and not say anything negative about the other parent. However frustrated and angry you might feel. Because that can come across as you being seen as "possibly aggressive" - which won't do you any favours. Box 5b is not very big. Don't try and squeeze the wording into the box on the form by reducing the type size so it's tiny! Instead just put "please see attached sheet" and type out the wording for 5b in Word and print it out on a sheet of A4. You can then put that page, within the application, behind the page with 5b on it. It's recommended to put your name and what the application is for, at the top of the extra sheet. And to copy the "statement of truth" wording (at the end of the form) onto the bottom of the sheet, then sign and date that at the same time you sign and date the rest of the form.

This all assumes you're doing the paper application (which is recommended if you're applying for "lives with both parents". If you're only applying for the children to "spend time with" you then the online application can be easier and I believe there is more space to use for the 5b wording on that (please give feedback on that if you do an online application!)

However - do NOT accidentally give your ex a residency order if you want to apply for shared care/lives with both parents. Which is why the paper form is recommended for that - because it gives the option to tick both parents under "who does the child live with". The online application doesn't have that option. When there are no orders in place, neither of you has legal residency, and even if the children are physically with the Mother most of the time (or being witheld by her!) still don't tick that they live with the Mother - or you're basically giving her a residency order. Ticking both boxes is saying - the children live with both of us (despite the fact the Mother is preventing that).

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