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  • False allegations and Lies
    Currently speaking with this person's colleagues in relation to narcissistic abuse. I'm not at the court stage ...yet, so I don't need this...
    • Mumbai24
  • False allegations and Lies
    I think it is a good idea to start a new thread for your situation. You can copy over the starter post. It will likely get more response there...
    • Resolute
  • False allegations and Lies
    newly divorced, we have a 12 week 50/50 childcare order in place while a section 7 is concluded I reported ex wife and her mother to social...
    • Chris Cooze
  • Ensuring you have time with your children
    There are cases where enforcement has worked well but I agree it's an area that drastically needs improvement and it takes quite a bit of strategy...
    • Ash
  • Ensuring you have time with your children
    Courts will not enforce CAOs for separated fathers. If your ex doesn't promote it, your kids are gone.
    • Jimi