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Judgement - no order for Father due to swearing at court staff

Judgement - no order for Father due to swearing at court staff 2023-06-09

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The full Judgement can be read by clicking on "Go to Download" top right. This Dad is dyslexic but it doesn't excuse the amount of swearing and abusive language he used (unless he is diagnosed with Tourettes as well!).

Reading between the lines it sounds like he was extremely frustrated by dirty tricks, court mistakes, and didn't know how to prepare for court properly. But unfortunately he alienated everybody - Cafcass, court staff and the Judge and made a lot of enemies by sending them angry messages full of swear words. His behaviour was the only thing that led to him getting no contact at all and being barred from applying for court again for a year. In that sense, the Judge gave him a chance to get his act together before applying again.

He may well have been correct in that allegations were false and people had lied and his evidence had not been received. But he showed lack of respect to the court and that was a big downfall.

The Judge determined he was an abuser without even needing a fact find - by his behaviour. But did acknowledge he may need psychiatric help.

There are too many cases of Dads getting angry and not being prepared enough for court and it will count against you.
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