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My Result Today - Breaking It All Down


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Hi folks, I can see there isn’t much threads on this section as we never win cases 🤣 I wish it was full of success stories. I want to share my on going experience with fathers and will update on each time my case being called. It may help people understand that their situation is not that bad considering what I’m going through, I will try to break it down for each section and may have to fix grammar at some point.

If you have any questions to something I have done or the choices I have made then please feel free to ask.


So today there was a child welfare hearing regarding my 3 little boys.

This hearing is only 1 of many since December of 2018 when my family case had begun.

The court was scheduled to begin at 10am and most civil cases are finished by around 12:00 or just after.

Firstly, I had no invite to this hearing, although I requested this from the court and to my solicitor in advance of at least 3 weeks.

I was not contacted by my solicitor at all which left me confused so I called them at 16:57pm to ask for an update. I was advised they cannot give an update over the phone and I will receive the update by email.

I was contacted at 5:37pm by my solicitor with the following:

“We refer to the above and to the child welfare hearing that took place today.

The sheriff continued the matter. We do not yet have a date but shall advise you as soon as we receive it from court.”


This is what happens when a sheriff is presented with enough inventory evidence to show that not only I have been abused from my ex partner it also shows that social services have been professionally gaslighting to the point of myself seeking medical help. Which will only then make them be very worried about all the evidence of child abuse.


The sheriff 4 weeks prior to this hearing had made a court order for my CPS nurse to make a report on my mental health, as per recommendation of a Bar Reporter and that off my ex partner and social services & myself on 2 occasions. I asked for the return of my children at this hearing but it was denied until the report is completed.


The report was called as i had informed the Bar Reporter that I had a mental health nurse and she had said I may have ptsd, to be fair I’m sure my nurse did say this and I may have been wrong but none the less this resulted in the Bar Reporter making a recommendation of a report to be taken with Social Services and my ex partner agreeing to this.

The CPS nurse who I spoke with every 4 weeks since 2019 was a lovely women who was very supportive and understanding of each situation that arose and provided coping mechanisms to help with the gaslighting I was receiving from services and the continued abuse from my ex partner, her new partner and that of what my children were going through, I would highly recommend for anyone in a situation similar to my own and I will explain why at some point.
I’m February of 2022 I spoke with my childrens social worker who assured me the children are missing me and that they want to see me and we can do a contact centre or a park or go bowling, I refused this over 8 times in total and have a very good reason for doing so which I can explain further in another thread maybe, there was an extremely important reason as to why I did not accept their offer.

The only thing I asked for during all of their manipulative phone calls were the return of my children or for them to contact my health nurse for my medical records from the beginning of 2019 and you can see for yourself what impact their inhumane practices have on people. The offered to get my mental health reports but never did so.

On another phone call with SW they said they have been busy and will do this now, can I give them her details and they will chase it all up, they never did so.

Around about my last phone call with this SW I asked if she had gotten the report yet and she said she has not, she will do so right now, can I give her the name again and telephone number and she will call her. I asked if she really cares about my children's safety and future well being and has their best interests at hear to which she agreed and that she did have those as her main priorities. I politely declined by informing her that I am calling the doctor to revoke her access and that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself and her colleagues.

Given that I had offered my full medical history to an already well documented narcissistic social worker on three occasions that I truly thought in the hope that maybe, just maybe, she will see the abuse I suffered and know I am not lieing and will hopefully do what is right for my children at least and reunite them with their father, the only one who is trying to save them from this horrible and corrupt family system.

I revoked her access to my medical records, she is a narcissist! and I revoked for any other social worker unless I am contacted to confirm the release. The doctor agreed and has left a note showing this for further future reference.

Now SW have no access they cannot false report my records, this may have seemed extreme because it may have helped me see my children and that is all that matters to them but I have not forgotten however that they took 3 months to NOT get the records.

This led the Bar reporter to ask the sheriff to make an order for my CPS nurse to make a report for him, the order asked if they can confirm if I am fit enough to look after my children.


I initially asked for a report from my nurse before this hearing today and the last hearing 4 weeks ago. I was asked what I needed a report for so I informed her that I had told the bar reporter about my possible ptsd. My nurse said I have no ptsd, depression, etc etc etc and that she is very proud of how well I have coped with something that will cause extreme mental health problems on many people. I accepted this and it made me feel great because since 2019 we have spoke every 2/4 weeks so I’m sure she would have known if I was mentally insane or other.

I then received the recommendation from the bar report so again I asked my
Nurse for a further report by email this time, it was not responded to in email so I called to speak with her. I asked for an appointment at my hospital with a psychiatrist to evaluate my mental health, this was refused as there is nothing wrong with me to justify making an appointment and it would be returned as not needed because I have no mental health problems. She apologised.

My lawyer asked my email and I have no update on that other than it got no response.

The sheriff made a court order for the report to be submitted no later than the 20th, this never happened.

I was then asked again to plead for a report from my nurse from my lawyer so we have something for today.

I emailed again and was contacted 2 days before this hearing by reception of my GP to say they cannot give me and that The nurse is really sorry, they will only give reports in a criminal matter not civil. I informed my lawyer.

The following day I spoke with a chief of service nurse at NHS who seemed shocked at what I was feeling her and said if I need any support or even a blow out I can call her back. 3 hours after this phone call I received an email from my lawyer that said:

“We refer to the above matter and write to advise we have had a call from Mark Park (fake name) from your GP practice. They have advised that you can go and collect a summary sheet in relation to your meetings with nurse. They have advised that you will be able to attend at the Medical Practice today and sign a consent form for this to be released and then after collect it. We wonder whether you would be able to do this and forward it to our Lawyer in order that we can try and lodge this with the court before the hearing on Friday.”

Mark Park does not work in my GP surgery so this was kinda strange that that name was used. There are no Mark’s for that matter, I can only assume the chief nurse of NHS contacted my health nurse and got her opinion.

I finally have a full summary of my records with my nurse so the court has no option but to read how i have suffered abuse since 2019.


There is no conclusion unfortunately, the sheriff has no response for today because simply put…

since December 2018 I have reported the abuse, since March 2019 I have recorded that abuse with my nurse so therefore the notes he reads will be everything the court claims it stands to protect.

They all accuse me of having mental health issues. Yet medical professionals deny this is true. They are not medical professionals so reading the notes will provide more context.

Hopefully will keep you all updated.