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20,000 Messages - DWK is a busy Forum!


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Hey All,

This milestone came just after the New Year's but I didn't have a chance to post it - I did celebrate it with myself though! 😀

Congratulations on hitting 20k messages👏

The circumstances we face may be challenging but a busy forum shows there is a need for this community and that it's Admin and Members do well to contribute collectively & provide that support! celebrate 🎉

@Ash always a mention, our Forum super admin who has responded to and posted messages, supporting every single member, to a tune of over 6.5k of messages! celebrate 🥳
that’s amazing 🎉🎉🎉.

And agreed to contribute over 25% of messages shows the level of support @Ash has offered to so many dads and partners which I’m sure we all agree has been a god send. Thank you Ash.

But not forgetting all the other dads on here that comment and offer there own views and advice we are all in this together 💪

I’d have been lost without this forum and the day I found it was the day I was saved.
I can second that, finding this forum, cemented somethings I knew, some I didn't and a few which maybe some solicitors may fail to tell you. This forum is a great place for resource and reading about other people's experiences is character building and surmounts to hope especially when you feel like there's no light and alone. We're here cos we find ourselves In divorce but in here we find strength from each other.
This forum is clearly a necessary resource, I can't remember how I found it but every day I am reading and learning. Seven months deep into a complicated battle and the forum has helped me to be better informed and better prepared.
There are so many helpful members but every time I see @Ash offering up his time I think what a solid bloke you are.

Real community 👋