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Parental Alienation case 2021 - residence transferred

Parental Alienation case 2021 - residence transferred 2021-09-29

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Attached are the four Judgements re a recent PA case (2021) for the case "Re A and B (Parental Alienation: No 1, No 2, No 3 and No 4). The case was prolonged with 2 or 3 psychologists involved and family therapy for some time. Eventually residence was transferred to the Father with supervised for the Mother, but the Mother then tried to frustrate the arrangements and used solicitors to try and undermine the psychologists credibility. The Judge saw this for what it was. After running away twice (seems to have been partly incited by the Mother somehow) the children eventually settled into stability with the Father with ongoing monitoring of the Mother's limited involvement. Unusually, the Final Order was made for a Lives with Order for the Father and his wife (also giving his wife Parental Responsibility).

Click on the "Go to Download" tab above right and it opens in a new window. It is worth reading all four Judgements to see how difficult the decisions of the courts are in terms of the welfare risk to the childrens' mental health. Although to some of us Dads the outcome should be obvious from the start. Encouragingly this Judge left it that he would accept an urgent directions hearing at any time if there were problems.
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