If 50/50 Shared Care was legislated as being the legal state of affairs at the time of separation, there would be a lot less cases going through the family courts, a lot less children being stressed out and insecure, a lot less people going bankrupt. This doesn't mean it HAS to be 50/50 as in some circumstances (distance, work etc) something like 60/40 may work better - but the legal status of 50/50 should be the default starting point and then alternatives could then be varied by consent between parents.

It would also prevent a parent trying to remove the other parent from the child's life.

Unless parents can achieve 50/50 or other reasonable schedules, amicably, it means a Dad having to apply to court for an order, tortuous processes, often spending a lot of money and children having instability for up to a year.

Attached is a good article arguing the benefits of 50/50 shared care. At the bottom of the page is a link to a furthe article showing when 50/50 shared care isn't the best thing (usually serious welfare issues) or when 60/40 might be better - and it goes on to knock on the head a lot of arguments and dispels myths as to why shared care isn't the best.

A 2-2-5-5 schedule of 50/50 shared care is good for most children. Two consecutive midweek nights with each parent and every other week-end with each parent (making the 5 nights - the week-end plus the two midweek nights consecutively). Enough time to have a proper relationship and involvement with school life, but not away from either parent for too long.

The article is not from the Uk so uses terms like custody, but the principle applies to the Uk as well.

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Why 50-50 is important