The ideal for separating and divorcing couples is that they put their children first and agree regular time with both parents. Unfortunately in many cases Dads struggle to get to see their children or have any reasonable or regular time with them, particularly during divorce when emotions run high, love can turn to hate, and an Ex can become vengeful or use the children as leverage over financial matters.

You will get support on here. The first piece of advice you will usually be given is - do not move out. Until you have arrangements for your children secured. It is quite possible to have a Child Arrangements Order in place before you move out - either by consent and stamped by the court, or by application. This allows you to focus on sorting out your life and housing, knowing you can still see your Children regularly.

In some cases, you have no option - there are stories of Dads being arrested on their own driveway out of the blue, with a new man moving into your home the same day. The priority is getting something legal in place to see your Children in these situations. The longer it is left, the more the other parent has time to try and "erase" you - if that is their goal.

Children need both their parents and hostility can add to the trauma of separation. You will get advice and support on here as to who to go to and how to proceed depending on what situation you're in.

The first step is always Mediation. If your Ex will not go to mediation then you ask to be signed off and apply to court for a Child Arrangements order.
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